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Frequently Asked Questions about Olympic Challenge Game Board!

Q: How does the Olympic Challenge game work?
A: Travel through the rings answering questions from five categories, land on a medal space and go for a medal. Collect a gold medal in each category to win the game.
Q: What ages and how many people can play Olympic Challenge?
A: It is recommended for individual play that players be aged 12 and up, however children should team up with an adult. A maximum of 5 individual players or 5 teams may play at any one time.
Q: Are there plans to update the game?
A: Yes, Other versions of Olympic Challenge are in works including a DVD.
Q: How much will the game cost and when and where will it be available?
A: It is suggested that Olympic Challenge retail for $29.99 US and will be available in various retail outlets only in the USA. Please visit our website at www.altiusgames.com for an up to date list of retailers.
Q: Will any of the game revenue go back to helping US Olympic Athletes?
A: Yes, as are slogan states SUPPORT. PLAY. LEARN some proceeds will be given to help support the US Olympic team and Olympic hopefuls. This is why you should purchase Olympic Challenge to help US athletes train for the Olympic games, because the Olympics are not every 4 years for athletes they are every day!
Q: I don’t know much about the Olympics and Olympic trivia is hard. How can I expect to play the game and win?
A: The Olympics are over 100years old and are very rich in history and tradition. While some facts may be difficult Altius Games has made Olympic Challenge fun and easy to play by using multiple-choice questions. Now everyone feels that they have a chance of winning.
Q: What and how many categories are there for Olympic Challenge?
A: There are 5 categories in Olympic Challenge. They include Countries, History, Athletes, Events and Rules & Records
Q: How long will it take to play Olympic Challenge?
A: Olympic Challenge takes anywhere from 1 to 3 hours to play depending on the amount of players and which version you play.
Q: What are the different versions of Olympic Challenge?
A: There are multiple game versions for Olympic Challenge. They include the gold medal version, silver medal version, bronze medal version. a timed version and any medal version. Please see our rules located on our website for further information at www.altiusgames.com